Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Your Own Valentine!

Valentine’s Day has a way of making people feel bad if they don’t have a ‘significant other’ in their life. Remember: the most significant person in your life is YOU!

Some of the best dates I have had were with myself. When I take myself to the movies or out to eat, I thoroughly enjoy my company.

I look on this day as a day to remember to pamper myself. I began the day with a facial and am ending it with a massage. When I take care of myself first, then I have more energy to help, guide and pamper others.

The key is to treat yourself as you would treat a lover. Then you attract that kind of love to your life!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


As I read my dear friend Andrea de Michaelis of Horizons Magazine comment's about how she enjoys seeing bats. I was brought to the simple lesson we can learn from bats.

Bats fly by listening to their special radar that the human ear cannot detect. They find and eat insects that cause us harm. Even their waste that they leave behind can be amazing fertilizer. Many people misunderstand them and think they are terrible and scary creatures.

However, Bat doesn’t care. He has a job to do and does it efficiently and effectively. He gives no thought to what people think of him.

Light Workers ‘fly’ doing their work. Their radar is the whisperings of Spirit that sometimes only they hear. They forage ahead, clearing pathways of negativity for others to follow. When they leave an area, they leave it a better place, having fertilized that environment.

Many times they are misunderstood. They frighten some people that are misinformed. Some have things (words) thrown at them. It does not deter the true Light Worker, however. They simply must continue their work or cease to exist.

So the next time someone calls you ‘Batty’....just smile and say, “Thank you!”

Friday, February 4, 2011


We live in a society that often veils their feelings behind cryptic words. This can be a challenge as we attempt to live in peace with each other. When we remove the filter between our brain and mouth, then our words can be abrasive and hurtful. We think that in order to speak our truth, this is what we must do.

However, there is another way to speak our truth. Before speaking, pause and fill yourself with Divine Love. (I do this by activating my pyramid of protection and breathing in Divinity…as well as calling the angel, Anael into my essence).

As you do this...your heart lines up with unconditional love. All the judgments and expectations you have for another person and yourself dissolves. You are then able to see that person through Divine eyes. With that perspective you are able to stand up for yourself in a strong and beautiful way.

One dear friend, Suzy (the generic name I use to protect their identity) is a wonderful example of this. A friend of hers, (we will call Sam) was verbally bashing another friend to her. Suzy just looked into Sam’s eyes, smiling a smile full of Divine Love and said, “Well, you know Sam, there is beauty in everyone….even you!” She continued to smile while mirroring Sam’s inner Divinity back to him. Sam simply said, “Thank you,” though he appeared a bit confused. This gave him food for thought later on.

Suzy has learned the secret of being in a space of Divine Love and showing it to all whom she encounters. She speaks her truth in a loving, yet firm way. No one walks over Suzy, trust me on that! Lol!

Say what you Mean…Mean what you Say…

And at all times, Stay in a space of Love

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phone Sessions

Someone asked me how I was able to help people with healing and empowerment over the phone. I promised to share it here in a blog. If you have questions unanswered, please contact me.

I work with Archangel Anael…or rather, I should say….she works with me! She was one of the many angels created before the world came into existence. Being created in darkness a spark of Divine Light was placed within her.

When humans were created and had the desire for free-will, her love for them was so great that she and her angels dedicated themselves to assist them in accessing all their Divine gifts and igniting Divine Light within them. She brings in the balance of the male/female within everyone.

Anael has given me a modality of healing and protection to share with the world. When activated it creates the energy so that with every breath you breathe comes from the Unconditional Heart of Love of the Divine Source. It sweeps through all negativity in your mind, body, and spirit transmuting it into Love and sending to Mother Earth. Karmic ties are cut and the body is healed with this modality.

Since in this world there is a balance of Light and Dark, many Light workers attract darkness to them as they shine as a beacon of Light. Anael has the ability to cloak the Light, so only those ready for you and those that can assist you will be attracted to your Light. Then you can safely shine your Light brightly as you grow on your spiritual pathway without attracting negativity.

This can be done in a 30 or 60 minute session on the phone or in person. I have also activated it for all in a room of over 50 people.

If you wish to ‘fly’ on your spiritual journey, I can assist you in filling yourself with her energy. Then you will more freely and fully be able to access the Divine and get back on your Divine Blueprint (life path). This will essentially ‘hard-wire’ you into the energy of an Archangel!

This process is one that can be done in a phone session also. Because I am working with the energy of a powerful angel whose message is empowerment and unconditional love it is important that I share it with as many as possible. She has made it possible to transmute her energy over the phone line, radio and cds.

My disclaimer is: Only do this work if you are ready for your life to change! She can work with you slow or fast…but your life will never be the same! Also, her energy runs very Hot on a physical level. She clears and heals from the inside out!

If you are ready for a shift to a higher level of energy, give me a call: 321-506-1143 or email me: