Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Channeled from Archangel Anael through Eda Pugliese-Fey, Student Intern of Anael’s Ethereal Methodology facilitated by Morgana Starr

With the new energies coming into the planet it is important now more than ever to keep yourself grounded, protected. This way your daily lives can reap as many rewards as possible. Meditating on a daily basis is a good way to keep that connection to the Divine and keep your body, mind, spirit in as healthy state as possible.

First start by placing a Pyramid of Protection around you. It is kind of like a force field made of love. Ask to allow only the highest loving energies for your good to enter. Pick a quiet room in your house, light a candle, or put on soft music. One of the Angel Team just created an exclusive mp3 music meditation under the direction of Archangel Anael that will be available on the website by Friday for only $10.

Then sit comfortably on a chair or couch with your back straight, feet flat on the floor. No shoes... hands -palms up...the hands facing up to the Divine. Place your feet flat on the floor to mother earth. The breathing is slow and deep. The move your hands to rest palms on knees or palms up with hands on knees.

With each inhale through your nose imagine a flood of white iridescent light entering your crown chakra (top of head). Imagine it traveling throughout your body. On the exhale you puff out from your mouth the negativity, pains, thoughts and emotions that caused you harm and stress . Imagine on the exhale it is pushed out through your heart chakra.

Release this breath into the universe- where it is transmuted into loving energy to help heal mother earth. Again breathe in the loving iridescent white light and this time push it all the way down to your feet and then back up- exhale it out of your heart chakra- sending it into the universe. Here it is transmuted into loving energy- to help heal mother earth.

On the third breath inhale and feel the tingle of your head forehead, arms, body, legs. The Divine white light energy is dancing , twirling, loving your organs, blood, DNA and cells. Peacefully relax and calm all the chatter and release all the tension on the exhale.

Ask for your angels to appear and offer you messages to help you in your dream state. With each breath you become closer to quieting the mind and body as well as allowing the love to pour in, to circulate and love you.

Thank the process.......... repeat the breathing steps..slow , deep-even rhythm, pleasant breathing.... comfortable, protected, grounded...... by concentrating on the breathing... you allow your mind to rest . Enjoy your this gift of love you give to yourself.......... you deserve it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


We have heard the term…”it takes a village to raise a child.”

This true with this Angelic Mission of Love and Hope.

I am feeling so blessed today with the energy of those who are building a better tomorrow with the message of Archangel Anael.

More and more people are getting the vision and sharing energy together to support and love each other through hard times. The Angel Team is growing and the message of Archangel Anael...healing through Unconditional Love....is expanding.

Thank you all for being an beautiful part of my life!

Friday, January 27, 2012


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome many years ago. I overcame the worst symptoms by aligning my energy with that of Archangel Anael. This dis-ease was brought into my energy in order to understand the pain others go through, as well as because I am an empath and healer.

When I was at my lowest with the Fibro (before AA Anael manifested clearly to me) I had weekly and sometimes twice a week sessions with healers. They would remind me to stay positive. (Even when I was in Mary Kay (I was a sales director with a free car) we were taught to say how you want to feel and you will become that.)

It was brought to my attention that when I talked about it...even mentioned that I was diagnosed with it, that it drew that energy back into my auric field.

My human side didn’t appreciate the comment. But I had to look within. I began the process of doing Shadow Work. I realized the person was right. I had used my aches and pains to get attention from my family when I was young and I was shocked to see that I had continued the pattern!

Now I only mention my diagnosis to encourage others there is hope to overcome debilitating dis-eases. The words I speak is: “My body is strong and healthy.” This affirms that energy to manifest.

A fun fact: Three and a half years ago I threw all my shoes away except for the plastic Crocs and tennis shoes. My feet hurt sooo bad. I would hold onto walls to get around the house in the morning. Six months after actively working with AA Anael I began to buy heels. Now, I love my stilettos!!! Though 2 1/2 inch heels are the ones I can tromp around in all day.

Yes...I am a bit of a Diva now, but I love it. I can still saddle a horse, throw myself on and ride off in a gallop, as well as work in a garden, etc....but I love the balance of enjoying the sparkly, shiny things in life.

The Angels don't want us in pain. I chose that experience. I also chose how to work beyond the pain. It makes meditation a necessity...like a diabetic with the need for insulin. I live and breathe AA Anael’s Angelic Energy and meditate with her every day.

I do my best to stay out of the lower energies of criticism and negative talk. Being human, I slip back there at times. I will say things I wish I hadn’t and vibe in a lower frequency. Then I get back up, dust myself off, put the Angel Wings back on and begin to fly with the Angels again.

Mary Kay Ash said it well…”It doesn’t matter how many times you fall or get knocked down with circumstances in life. What matters is how many times you get back up.”

So I encourage all of you…especially those of you with physical pain…to strap on AA Anael’s Angel Wings, get up and fly for the stars!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Years ago I remember feeling an overwhelming dissatisfaction with living in Indiana. I never had liked Indiana. I am not sure if that is because it was flat where I was or because in my young mind, Indiana was what ripped Africa from me.

I was so happy in Africa, my spirit soared and life was perfect for an eight year old. My parents kept me protected from talks of the terrorists activities that forced our move. So all I knew was: I left my little dog and heart behind in Africa. Then I was brought to this cold, harsh land of people whose energies made no sense to me.

The Smokey Mountains began to feed my spirit when I attended Bible College in their foothills. Eventually life drew me back to Indiana. I spent the years of raising my children there…many years of sadness and pain (emotional and physical).

Finally my oldest went to college and my youngest was in her last year of high school. I was a nanny and a personal assistant. I did my spiritual work and writing around the other work. I felt stifled. I wanted to do this work full-time.

I cried out to Spirit and the Angels, “I hate living in Indiana! I want to move and be free to pursue this work full-time!”

Finally I quit yelling and shut up. Ahhh…the stillness in which you can hear the Angels whisper! “Bloom where you are planted. Spread the Light here. They need you to hold the Light for them,” came the clear message.

I took a deep breath and let go. I let go of my expectations of how I thought it should be. I let go of the thought of ever moving from the state. Life became peaceful and calm. My writing continued. Many of the Whispers portion of Angel Whispers was written in that time, prior and after my releasing. Much of the new book, Angel’s Legacy, was written during the time of release.

Six months later…I moved to Ohio. No, it wasn’t my dream place to live, but it was a shift. I intensely followed the Native Path (Red Road) and learned much. I was a full-time nanny there, but continued spiritual work in my spare time.

I moved back to Indiana three years later. Finally the Angels said it was time to do this work full-time. I worked in a large spiritual store in Indianapolis doing readings and teaching classes. Life was good…or at least I thought.

My marriage began to crumble and I had to take a job in a day-care to manage financially. I was miserable for a while, then remembering the lessons of releasing and letting go of control…I surrendered again.

Six months later I flew to Florida knowing my life was changing forever. I knew I had some important work to do for the Angels. I never had even considered Florida as a place to live. But I have found a wonderful group of spiritual people here. My work has led me to amazing people across the globe via the internet. My boyfriend is awesome and supportive in this work, so I am able to focus full-time on the Angel Mission.

Perhaps later the Angels will fly me elsewhere, perhaps not. I have learned that is not my concern. My concern is simply to shine the Light where I am and leave the details to the Angels!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A question was asked on the Angel Light Face Book Group page about Muses. Are muses real? What are they? Are they people or spirits/ghosts?

There is a lot of historical and mythological information about muses. I believe there is a lot of truth woven throughout many things written about muses. I won’t review that information here, but simply allow for Archangel Anael to respond.

"Humans need a word or entity to explain a certain energy that flows through someone. A muse or being a muse is simply the gift of encouragement or inspiring others. It is even mentioned in the Bible as one of the gifts of the Spirit. Some have this gift stronger than others. As with any spiritual gift, the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

The angels help humans activate this gift. Remember this is our main purpose: to help humankind become the powerful creators that is their inherent birthright. When one learns to get out of the ego and allow themselves to channel this Divine energy, then Angelic Voice comes through. This is when a person does the work of a muse.

A person is not a muse any more than they are a healer. They simply are a channel for that energy to facilitate healing or inspiration within another.

Our purpose to is open humanity’s way of thinking…encourage them to grow and expand their own boundaries of their minds. When people speak of their ‘inner muse’, it is simply angelic energy running through them.

The ones spoken about in mythology are based on a person that channels that aspect of the Divinity with the help of the Angels."

~Archangel Anael~