Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Many people are having disturbing dreams. A key to remember is that you are working through issues in your waking life, while you are sleeping. Sometimes literally your spirit leaves your body to do work in other planes of existence.

If you want to take your Dream Work to the next level, you will want to explore Lucid Dreaming. The key to Lucid Dreaming is to remember you are in control of your dreams. Just before you go to sleep at night, ask Archangel Anael to help you be in control of your dreams. You have the ability to literally rewind a dream if you do not like its outcome. You are in control.

To give you an example of this, here is a short synopsis of a recent dream of mine. (I have been a vivid dreamer all my life).

Tim had driven me to California. We drove across the Golden Gate bridge. I remember being thrilled that crossing a bridge no longer held the fear it had for me in the past. We actually drove across the top arches, not the regular road.

When we arrived at the Pacific Ocean, I was so excited. We gathered some equipment to carry to the water’s edge. I had an overwhelming feeling of coming home as I tuned into the wild energy of the ocean. (In this lifetime, I have never experienced the Pacific Ocean).

I saw the waves crashing against the shore. Then I lifted my hands to work with the waves. I wanted to see a big wave and held the energy of it in my hands as it began to build out at sea. Then I noticed a group of nuns walking slowly away from the edge of the shore. I could tell they would be engulfed in the waters if I let go of the wave.

I called out to them to hurry. I told them I was holding the wave back for them. They continued to walk, though it seemed very slow. Tim went to them and hurried them along. Holding the wave back was no effort though it took focus. The longer I held it back the strong it built.

As soon as the nuns were out of the way, I let go of the wave. The intensity and beauty of the wave as it crashed towards me filled me with power, not fear. Then I awoke.

I love that dream! In the past, I would have been terrified for the bridge and the wave. (As I young child, I had been knocked over by a huge wave when at the Indian Ocean) It was wonderful to see that fear transmuted into power.

If you need some assistance in interpreting your dream please contact me. An email reading of that would be quite simple, or we could do it over the phone.

As always, I am here to assist you on your path.

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