Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I was chatting with a dear friend today. She recently experienced a family member being hateful to her about not going to church on a regular basis. She is a very spiritual person and even does professional work for some churches of differing faiths. However, her relationship with the Angels and the Divine Source flies outside the box of traditional thinking.

Having faced similar persecution by well meaning Christians, I gave her my perspective.

The Christ I follow lives in my heart. When he walked in the Jesus body on this earth plane, he did not follow the laws of man. The religious traditions of the day held no power in his life. When questioned about not following the religion of the day, he reminded people that he was accountable to the path his Father (Divine God) had laid out for him, not to man. He never was critical of another's life. He quietly went about his life, walking his talk.

The Christ energy flowed through many Masters throughout history. Jesus was one of them. The best way to learn about that energy is to invite it in your heart. When you read about it in books, it becomes tainted by the agenda of the writer.

(Activating your 33rd chakra is a wonderful way to access that Divine Christ Energy...but that is a blog for another day....)

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