Wednesday, August 31, 2011


“When you smile with your face at a stranger that you pass in the store, you lift his spirits somewhat. When you smile with your heart you set his and your spirits free to soar!” ~Archangel Anael~

It takes only a little effort to make someone’s day. Yesterday I went to take my cart back at Aldi’s (it takes a quarter to put in the cart to borrow it, when you return it, you get your quarter back).

My commitment in giving it forward is to leave my cart with the quarter in it.I figured that may help someone having a bad day, feel like someone in the universe is looking out for them.

As I pushed my cart up to the store from my van, an older man got out of his car. I smiled and asked him if he needed my cart. He said yes, then put his hand in his pocket to get a quarter.

“Oh, no…I don’t have any change!” he said as he showed me his hands full of only his keys from his pocket.

I smiled back and said, “It is okay. This is what I do at Aldi’s. I just pay it forward a bit. It is a gift.”

He appeared confused and dove his hand back into his pocket coming back up with the same thing and same apology.

I just smiled and told him it was okay and to have a great day as I walked off.

I can hope the small ripple I created in his pool of life will expand into a fountain of joy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


With the help of a friend, I am taking full advantage of the new moon’s energies. It is a great time to organize business things. Papers will be sorted, class information in its proper place, Reiki manuals put together, and places created for that necessary company information. My friend was thrilled that I asked her for her help.

Doing it with a friend will keep me focused and we will have fun with it. This is something I learned a long time ago…if you have something to do that you are not gifted with, ask a friend for help. The job will be completed, taking a heavy load off and you will have fun while doing it.

I love doing readings and healing work over the phone and in person. I love teaching classes. But I hate being disorganized. (Though I am the one that makes a mess of all my papers). So you can dislike something about your personality, but you can also work (with the help of a friend) at changing it!

I am blessed to have such amazing friends. Remember, many of your friends would love to help you…giving them a blessing…just ask. It is a win/win for all!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Many people are fascinated with who they were in a past life. However, past life healing work is not always easy. And there is also the factor that just remembering your past lives does nothing to help you heal from those issues.

These issues can be emotional stress, physical pain or weakness in certain areas of the body, or making destructive choices in our lives. This can happen when we were betrayed, killed in violence or died in a sudden accident.

Memories of these past life traumas lock into our cellular structure. They cause us intense pain or fears the lack a logical explanation.

One case I worked with was a young boy who suddenly developed a fear of heights. He was so terrified that he clung to the walls while going upstairs. I explained that in another lifetime he died about the age he was now, by falling from a high place. I instructed him to say aloud, “that was another lifetime; I am perfectly safe in this lifetime.” By the end of the day while navigating stairs, he was thrilled he had lost most of his fear.

Kids pick up and heal rapidly from these things. Adults take a bit more. I like to have my clients lie down and relax as I gently guide them back in time to the place they need to heal. We view it as if they were seeing their life on a movie screen in order to keep emotions out of the way. Then we go through a process of forgiving and healing. We also release the cellular memory.

One client had vivid memories of being stabbed in the back. This related to his intense back pain in this life. We went through a couple of lifetimes and cleared them. His back pain was relieved quite a bit. However, the angels told me more would have to be done. The work was intense enough that he was ready to be finished for that day.

If I can help you peel a layer or two of past lives and help you restructure your cellular memory, please email me to schedule a time. I can do it over the phone, Skype or in person.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The effects of Mercury being in Retrograde most of August may have left you feeling ungrounded and as if your world in spinning into a chaotic mess.

Many of the things that have held our lives together in the past few years are being torn apart in order to rebuild a bright new future. This will help us line up with our Divine path and get us back on our Divine Blueprint.

The time is now. Now for us to decide what it is we truly want. Now for us to believe in the power we have to create our dreams and make them become a reality. Now it is time for you to see whom you want to become and step into that image.

When you do that, your life will manifest into the miracle you always imagined for yourself.

Friday, August 26, 2011


There is a lot of clearing going on right now. Remember that a new moon is just around the corner, Sunday 11:04pm EST. This means we are still clearing out the things we no longer want in our lives so we can welcome in our new creations on the new moon.

So if you find yourself in the process of letting go of old ways of thinking, getting rid of physical stuff, you are lightening the load.

Saturday is a great day to make a list of three things you want to bring into your life in the next couple of weeks…this will be the powerful time of the new moon. These are not just tangible things, but also go deeper into your thought process. Invite in a deeper understanding of unconditional love, perhaps.

Most of all enjoy your new creations with the New Moon this coming Sunday evening.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


“If you watch the weather today, be the vision keeper with me, breathe some peace into the storm and know it is possible for it to pass without damage.” Wise words from Andrea de Michaelis today.

I have seen how there is so much fear around the storm headed our way. Holding a space of peace and love in that fear takes much effort sometimes.

Remember it takes 10 positive words to cancel out one negative word. The same thing is true with fear and love. Perfect love casts out fear. But it also must be intensified to push it out.

This is true whether it is the fear around a physical storm or an emotional storm in your life. Surround it in love and more love and you will find things working out in a good way.