Monday, May 30, 2011


When I was in Mary Kay they taught us to have a mirror in front of us while making phone calls. The purpose was to smile into the mirror. The smile on your face projected into your voice making the call happy and upbeat.

Thinking happy thoughts brings a joy to your face, making it easy to smile. However, there are sometimes your mind is going ahead to the list of the things to do for the day. When that happens pay attention to the expression on your face. I have found that mine gets stern, with almost a frown.

How many times do you do that while driving or shopping, or listening to a speaker? There is nothing wrong with focusing on the issue at hand. When you look stern, though, that is the energy you give off.

I remember several years ago and even back into my youth, that some people…even strangers…would tell me to smile. Sometimes they would ask why I was mad. I wasn’t mad at anyone, just thinking deeply.

For the last several months I have consciously made it a point to have a slight smile on my face at all times. It is amazing what that does for your energy!

Practice by looking in the mirror with a regular expression on your face. Close your eyes for a moment and tune into how you feel emotionally. Then open your eyes and smile at yourself. Not a big smile, just a slight, gentle smile. Close your eyes again and tune back in.

I think you will find it makes you happier to have a slight smile on your face. So practice doing it until it becomes a habit. You will find even driving to be more enjoyable as when you smile, your spirit is calm.

So this week make it a goal to smile even when no one is looking. The smile is for your own inner peace. When you have that, you have more to share with the world.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The following is from my book, Angel Whispers:

One person asked what Anael had to say to about this question; “Others are worse off

than me. Why should I take my problems to the Angels?”

“My dear child, do not compare yourself or your pain to others. Their pain that seems greater than yours does nothing to lessen your pain. Remember pain is here to teach you.

The lesson you must learn from your pain is something that only you can know. By giving up your control to the Angels, helpers of the Divine, you acknowledge that you are ready to learn the lesson. This is your first step in releasing the pain. You will better able yourself to walk through the pain, learn the lesson and thereby release it, if you call on the Angels help. We are ready to assist and are honored to serve.

When you learn to dance through your pain,

Finally giving the Angels free reign,

Life at last is what it was meant to be,

As you become one with Divinity.”


Friday, May 27, 2011


Saturday was a challenging day for many people. I wrote on Sunday about how to work at moving through the changes in energy.
However, I asked Spirit for an answer as to why the energy was so heavy on Saturday and a few days prior. I felt the gentle…”well, duh…look at the universal energy that was being sent out about the rapture! Lol!” Spirit is always getting a good laugh out of me!
Of course! The feeling that many people had in believing the rapture would take them away from the heaviness of the world seeped into the universal consciousness. Many people who did not believe this way still were affected by that energy. Remember we are all One.
This is a reminder of how powerful the energy of many people united can affect the planet and all its inhabitants. In the Bible, Jesus alludes to this when he says, “When two or more of you are gathered in my name, I will be there also.”
So not only do our thoughts affect us, but they affect the universal consciousness. I challenge you all to join me the next week in raising energy to one of joy. Simply hold the memory of one of your most joyful moments in your life. Think of it for a minute or two and then release it. Do this as often as you can throughout each day.]
The worst that can happen with this exercise is you will feel happier. The best is that many people around you will become happy too!
Sending you Love and Joy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday I put my
Mrs. Mango’s Hibiscus tea in a container to sip from while at the gym. I put it in my van and then went to take the recycle bin to the curb.

Getting into the van I saw that the lid had opened and almost all of it had spilled out. I drank the rest (two swallows) and decided I would have water at the gym instead.

However, as I drove, I pondered on how I used to respond to situations like that. In the past, I would have been frustrated.

That frustration would have grown throughout the day. I would have been stressed. That stress would have caused many other things to occur, like stubbing my toe, running late and running into other snags.

Today I got everything done on time, enjoyed meeting new people, and had customer service be exceptionally wonderful in sending me a new phone.

The situation reminded me to not allow circumstances to mold me or my day into something negative.

Also, today I am sipping my tea before leaving the house! Lol!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So many of us are on the go all day long. It appears challenging to take time to Meditate. However, meditating is an important part of increasing our spiritual awareness.

Sometimes easing one’s way into this practice is the best approach. One simple way to begin is by being in a state of complete awareness of what you are doing at the time. For some this is like Living in the NOW.

For example: When washing dishes become aware of your hands on the dishes. Feel the soapy water. Do not allow your mind to skip ahead to the next thing you have to do. You can still multi-task ladies, but BE in each task as you are accomplishing it.

If you are at work, be totally focused on each task. As I sit at my lap top, I am totally in the feeling of the keys under my fingers. When I pause to drink tea, I am in the moments of the taste of the tea.

There are times we all allow our minds to skip ahead to attempt to accomplish tasks that need not be dealt with at the time. When we practice Mindful Meditation, we will give each task as it appears our complete attention in a calm and focused manner.

Try this for a day and see if you are calmer of mind, body and spirit by the end of the day. Then try it for another day. This will not only affect your energy, but also the energy of all those around you, then those around them…the ripple effect has begun!