Sunday, January 8, 2012


Many times on our Spiritual path, we get ‘de-railed’. We fall into letting our human emotions and situations in life rule us. We let ourselves engage in drama. We stop doing the things that help us such as exercise, eating right, meditating, doing affirmations and the list goes on.

Ego raises it head and we become upset that people don’t understand us. We become jealous of others in our field that we perceive as more successful. It can become a dangerous spiral if we share these feelings with others caught in the 3-D realities of this earth. They will add fuel to our fire of destruction.

However, if we share our feelings with other spiritual people who are always striving to grow, the result is different. They will gently love and support us back on the path. No judgments, for that would shine the light on their own times of derailment, and take the focus off the goal at hand. That goal is Unconditional Love (no judgments) just as the Angels and the Divine has for us.

I am seeing a beautiful community of love and support growing on the Angel Light group page (on Face Book) that I was instructed to create by Anael. People have bad days and the group rallies with love and support. People may misunderstand what is said…(that is the nature of the written word). It is assumed the best intent is meant (and it usually is) and it is discussed until it is understood. Unconditional Love blankets it all.

As we go along life’s journey we may get upset and let ego take over. But we can always get back on the tracks of life and move ahead smoothly. Our job is to love and support others as they get back on track as much as we want them to do the same for us.


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