Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Channeled from Archangel Anael through Eda Pugliese-Fey, Student Intern of Anael’s Ethereal Methodology facilitated by Morgana Starr

With the new energies coming into the planet it is important now more than ever to keep yourself grounded, protected. This way your daily lives can reap as many rewards as possible. Meditating on a daily basis is a good way to keep that connection to the Divine and keep your body, mind, spirit in as healthy state as possible.

First start by placing a Pyramid of Protection around you. It is kind of like a force field made of love. Ask to allow only the highest loving energies for your good to enter. Pick a quiet room in your house, light a candle, or put on soft music. One of the Angel Team just created an exclusive mp3 music meditation under the direction of Archangel Anael that will be available on the website by Friday for only $10.

Then sit comfortably on a chair or couch with your back straight, feet flat on the floor. No shoes... hands -palms up...the hands facing up to the Divine. Place your feet flat on the floor to mother earth. The breathing is slow and deep. The move your hands to rest palms on knees or palms up with hands on knees.

With each inhale through your nose imagine a flood of white iridescent light entering your crown chakra (top of head). Imagine it traveling throughout your body. On the exhale you puff out from your mouth the negativity, pains, thoughts and emotions that caused you harm and stress . Imagine on the exhale it is pushed out through your heart chakra.

Release this breath into the universe- where it is transmuted into loving energy to help heal mother earth. Again breathe in the loving iridescent white light and this time push it all the way down to your feet and then back up- exhale it out of your heart chakra- sending it into the universe. Here it is transmuted into loving energy- to help heal mother earth.

On the third breath inhale and feel the tingle of your head forehead, arms, body, legs. The Divine white light energy is dancing , twirling, loving your organs, blood, DNA and cells. Peacefully relax and calm all the chatter and release all the tension on the exhale.

Ask for your angels to appear and offer you messages to help you in your dream state. With each breath you become closer to quieting the mind and body as well as allowing the love to pour in, to circulate and love you.

Thank the process.......... repeat the breathing steps..slow , deep-even rhythm, pleasant breathing.... comfortable, protected, grounded...... by concentrating on the breathing... you allow your mind to rest . Enjoy your this gift of love you give to yourself.......... you deserve it!

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