Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love how there are so many things made easier with technology. Though in many ways I am old-fashioned, I love the convenience of the modern world. Sometimes I have to be reminded to use what is in front of me.

Today I was given an amazing massage by Debilee Wiedorfer. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and one of the few massage therapists I felt that energy immediately.

Being mellow and trying to catch up with emails is challenging. My whole system is saying, “relax”. Knowing I need to honor that brings me to my technology discovery today.

On my gmail, I saw I could mark emails to go to a Task List. When there, I can open each email and deal with them when I am able. What a relief! Tomorrow is an office day for me, so I can go to the list to find where I need to focus my attention.

I feel blessed to have these tools and am grateful to the angels as they bring to my mind how to use them .

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