Friday, January 6, 2012


Consider this quote from Anael: “Sometimes venting only adds power to that which we seek to avoid in our lives.”

There are times when very upset about a situation or person in our life that we will ‘vent’ to this person and then another and yet another. I became aware at one point that I was caught in a trap of negative thinking and labeling it ‘venting’.

Yes, due to the human condition there are times when it is important to let off steam to a trusted friend. It keeps us from handling the situation in a not so positive manner, giving us an opportunity to calm down.

However, when we continue to keep the energy going by venting to many different people, we have given the negativity a power that will only be destructive to us and others around us. It actually builds up steam instead of releasing it.

I have learned to say to a friend….”There is a situation (or person) that upsets or hurts me right now. I am not going to speak the words or explain what it is about so I do not give it power. But please send me some positive energy.” This works wonderfully as my friends honor that space by not asking more questions, just sending me what I need.

It does take practice to change from inviting drama into our lives, by venting out to everyone. The world is full of drama, but as Ascending Beings it is our job to work at releasing and rising above that drama.

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